Since the home you moved into likely fits into your lifestyle and has some of your desired amenities, the next step is to make it your own.

These tips can help turn a house into a home.

Movers will offer to place your furniture where needed, and moving heavy pieces may be difficult to do on your own. The most prepared homeowners will have already taken measurements and compared them to the new home’s floor plan, so movers can place them in the right spot.

Make sure it’s safe

While you may already be aware of a home’s safety features, it’s important to make sure the locks have been replaced, as previous homeowners or friends and family members may have additional keys. You should also replace gate, garage and security system codes with your own for optimal safety. Don’t forget to replace batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Make Improvements Required

If buying a newly constructed property, you won’t likely need to make any improvements or repairs. Even in a new home, you may want to repaint bedrooms or common living areas to make them your own, and doing so can make moving a fun process for children who may be less than excited about relocating. To be more eco-friendly, you may want to invest in swapping standard light bulbs throughout your home with greener options.

Some neighbours may be very welcoming and approach you first, but you should make it a point to introduce yourself when getting settled into your new house. This can make run-ins less awkward, and being on good terms with neighbours is great if you’re new to the area and in need of advice or direction.

Unpack and relax

Moving day can be stressful, so you may benefit from resting a full day before you begin to unpack. After unloading boxes and getting items situated, you should celebrate by going out to dinner or breaking in the kitchen with a family meal. Hosting a housewarming party can also be a fun activity, but make sure everyone is settled in and comfortable first.