Welcome Home Party Tips

A housewarming is a party held within the first few months of moving into a new residence. It is an occasion to present a new home to family and friends, and for them to give gifts to help furnish the new home.

1. It is recommended to give at least a week to three weeks notice to guests.

2. Present your invitation as an “open house” where people are free to come and go during a fixed window of time . This will ensure everyone can find time to stop in and not feel committed to a specific time frame.

3. Consider inviting a few of your new neighbors. This allows you to introduce yourself and meet new people in the neighborhood.

4. Clean the house, it is after all the STAR of the show. 

5. Set up a bar/beverage area so guests feel free to help themselves.

6. Make sure you have plenty of seating and/or encourage guests to bring extra chairs with them if possible.

7. Set out bowls of delectable treats , and make guests feel at home, never run out of food, drinks or music.

8. Spending time with your guests is the reason you’ve invited everyone to your housewarming . So sticking to bite-size, room-temp food will keep you out of the kitchen.

9. If you expect children or have kids of your own, be sure to plan activities to keep the younger guests occupied so the adults are free to focus on conversation.

Have FUN and enjoy the years to come in your new home !

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