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16 local service awardsMany people, oilfield professionals and business’ move to and from Fort McMurray from across Canada every year. TSM Moving has helped plenty of them relocate safely to their new home or business on time and on budget. If you are planning a move, request your Free Moving Quote by submitting the form on this page or giving us a call at 403-216-3700.

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Fort McMurray is in northeast Alberta, in the middle of the Alberta Oil Sands. It has played a significant role in the development of the petroleum industry. It is known as the municipality’s “Urban Service Area” and colloquially known as “Fort Mac.” In 2016, the city experienced one of the worst forest fires in Canadian history. Over 80,000 residents were evacuated and about 10 percent of the city was destroyed.

The rebuild is well underway. Sounds of backhoes digging holes, foundations being poured, and hammers are all the soundtrack of the hardest hit communities.

There are plenty of reasons why so many people are moving in this region. Look at a few of those reasons here