For a lot of kids, moving means leaving everything important behind. They are not normally involved in the decision and oftentimes do not understand why the move is necessary.
  1. Tell your children as soon as you can to allow time for them to warm up to the idea

  2. As they become used to the idea, tell them more about their new home.

  3. Accept that it may take some time for children to let go.

  4. Involve your children in the move. and ask for their opinions and suggestions.

  5. Involve your children and give them their own to-do list

  6. Make sure to give extra support to your children through the first months in your new home. Keep the same customs going, such as Movie Monday or Taco Tuesdays, to help make your kids feel at home.
  7. Throw your children a going-away party and encourage them to keep in touch with friends.