Q: Can Movers Transport Pets?

A: Moving Companies are not allowed to transport livestock; this is against insurance policies. We recommend you arrange for transport of animals. We ask customers clean and remove cat litter from boxes for relocation, to abide by Health and Safety standards for our staff.

Q: Are there any preparations I can make to quicken the moving process and keep moving costs down?

A: We advise customers to purge before moving day to avoid paying for transportation and time to relocate items they may no longer want or need.

Q: Are there any fees if I cancel my movers?

A: We understand there are some situations that require a move to be postponed and customers are not penalized for this.

Q: Are there any extra fees for large or heavy items?

A: There are some circumstances where there may be a charge for larger, heavier items like Pianos. Please disclose anything over 300 pounds when booking your move to ensure you receive an accurate quote.

Q: How far in advance should I book Calgary Movers?

A: It is recommended to book your Movers 4 weeks in advance to ensure you can secure the Moving Date and Time of your choice. We try to accommodate customers however our Moving Trucks book up quickly around the middle and end of the month.

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