Items Movers CANNOT Move!

1. Dangerous Items

All items that are  flammable, hazardous, corrosive or explosive are dangerous and illegal for movers to transport.

The following should not be packed or moved for safety reasons:

Acid, aerosol, batteries,  car oil, charcoal, gasoline, matches, fertilizer, weed killer, cleaning fluids, ammunition, bleach, kerosene, fireworks,  propane tanks, loaded weapons ect.

2. Perishable Items

Refrigerators and freezers should be emptied and cleaned at least 24 hours before moving day. Keep the appliance doors open, so the appliance can dry and prevent the growth of mold and or odor. Food and live plants are perishable; they can spoil, die or suffer damages if not properly packed.

3. Personal Items

It is a good idea to carry your own personal items such as personal files, address books, keys, financial statements, check books, medicine etc.Moving companies do not usually transport jewelry, cash or other valuable items. It is recommended that the customer takes these items with them.

4. Pets and Plants

Movers will not (and are not responsible) for transporting your pets, from goldfish to your dog or cat. We can carefully pad and wrap empty aquariums. See our post about carefully relocating your plants here.

5. Cat Litter Boxes

Due to health and safety requirements movers are not allowed to transport “in use” litter boxes. We recommend customers empty and disinfect cat boxes before they are loaded on the truck or transport in personal vehicles.

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