Moving Day Success | A 10 Step Guide

10 Step Guide from Top Movers in Calgary

1. Book Movers Early

If you’re doing your own packing, make sure you give yourself plenty of time; at least six weeks before your move date. Movers book fast during the middle and end of the month, plan in advance and book them as early as you can. Also keep in mind that Movers are in high demand during summer months and rates will be lower during the winter season.

2. Ask for FREE Moving Boxes

Start with purchasing the right packing supplies. Buying the right moving supplies from the beginning will save you time and energy. Ensure you have boxes, marking pens, paper for wrapping, tape and scissors . TSM Moving has a FREE Moving Box Program – ask if you qualify when booking. 

Note : You don’t want to have to re-pack or possibly break anything from a worn box so use preferable new strong boxes. 

3. Label Moving Boxes – with detail

Each box sure clearly identify which room it should go in whether it is FRAGILE and if it should be loaded last so it can be unloading first!

4. Purge/Donate Unwanted Items 

Determine what you will be taking to the new home and purge items you no longer need or want. There is no point in moving things you no longer want or use.

Consider donating items to local charities or recycling old electronics.

Woman In Need Society @

Cerebral Palsy Association @

5. Pack medicines / liquids in a leak proof containers

6. Complete School Transfer Forms

If you have school aged children, you will need to research and make proper arrangements for transfers.

7. Update Your Mailing Address

Notify or update your new mailing address with all provider’s, magazine subscriptions or consider a mail forwarding service.

Canada Post Mail Forwarding @

8. Security / Damage Deposit Reimbursement

See if you can schedule a walk through with your landlord and determine the amount of reimbursement before moving day.

9. Keep a bag of essentials for Moving DAY !!!

Keep a bag of essentials (toilet paper, medicine, ect ) with you so you’re not scrambling at the new house for something you need.

10. Have Fun and Enjoy Your New Home

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