Professional Packing | 8 Tips

1.  Put heavy items , like books in small boxes and light items like blankets and linen in bigger ones. This reduces the chances of breaking items when relocating. 

2. Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. Don’t leave gaps but fill in with clothing, towels or packing paper

3. To make unpacking easier don’t mix items from different rooms in the same box

4. Make sure you label each boxes location and a description of the important contents. This will help you know where every box belongs in your new home.

5. Tape the bottom and top seams and use the movers technique and wrap all the way around the boxes top and bottom where stress is concentrated. 

 6. If you’re moving art, ask about our custom crating service or ask us to bring custom art boxes . Never wrap oil paintings in regular paper as it will stick. For pictures framed behind glass make an X masking tape across to strengthen and hold it together if it does shatter.

7. Wrap pictures in paper or bubble wrap in a frame box with a piece of cardboard in between pieces.

8. Wrap your fragile items with proper packing paper. Using newspaper or flyers could ruin your belongings as the ink can rub off making a bigger mess than it’s worth and extra time cleaning when you’re ready to unpack your new home.


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