Enjoy A Stress Free Unpack | 4 Tips

Calgary Unpacking Services

Don’t Pack Different Rooms Together


If you pack one room in one box you will have a much easier time unpacking at the new house then if you mixed rooms together. Ensure you label the box accurately so it can be placed in the correct room for delivery. At first it may seem faster and easier to dump all your boxes in one room on the main floor but you will end up having to move them anyway.

“The heavier the item, the smaller the box it should go into.”


Last In = First Out


Start unpacking the essentials in the kitchen and bathrooms first. Tell the Calgary Movers what you need first at your new home and they can load that last. The last items loaded onto the truck are the first ones unloaded.

Do not worry about unpacking everything all at once. Prioritize and pace yourself to avoid making a mess and stressing out.

“Do not open packed boxes until items that are going into that room are set up.”

Plan the unpack before you attack


Before you starting cutting boxes open it is important to know where it will go. If you do not have a clear vision of where everything will go you will end up with clutter on tables, counters and floors.

Ask for help


Most people are not aware but most moving companies offer unpacking services. If you need help unpacking your entire house or just more difficult rooms like the kitchen feel free to ask them to stick around and they would be more then happy to get you settled into your new home. Some will take away empty boxes for recycling afterwards.

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