Moving Expenses can add up quickly. However, with a few tips, we can help get the most bang for your buck!

1.Book Early

Booking your movers last minute may result in higher hourly rates. Try and book your Calgary Movers at least 4 weeks in advance for the best hourly rate and to ensure you can get the date and time preferred.

2.Move before the end of the month – if possible

Calgary Movers are in high demand during weekends and during the end of the month. Hourly rates will be more reasonable on weekdays or in the middle of the month when fewer people are moving.

3. REMEMBER – Cheaper isn’t always better

Consider the following when choosing a company with exceptionally lower rates.

  • The size of the truck and moving crew
  • Years of Experience/Reputation
  • Equipment and Protection Used

4. Ask for FREE Moving Boxes

Ask your Calgary Moving Company for boxes to use for packing, some offer free boxes and will even pick them back up after.

5. Ask for Additional Moving Men

Consider paying a slightly higher rate for a larger crew or additional moving trucks if you’re moving a larger home opposed to paying for more hours overall.

6. Be PREPARED for Moving Day

Before your Calgary Movers arrive there are steps you can take to save time and money on your move.

  • If you’re moving into an apartment ensure you book the elevator ahead of time. If the moving crew has to take the stairs your move is going to take significantly longer resulting in a larger bill.
  • Known your possession time – Movers bill by the hour and the clock does not stop when waiting for possession and or keys to your new home
  • Dis-assemble Items – Take apart bed frames and or large items before the movers arrive

7. Purge Your House before Moving

Consider having a garage sale or donating items prior to moving. There is no point in moving items you no longer want or need.

8. Stay out of the way

It is recommended to have younger children and animals stay with friends or family on moving day.

9. Know what goes

Know what items need to be loaded into the moving truck and what items you will be taking on your own. The following items are illegal for movers to transport.

  • >All items that are flammable, hazardous, corrosive or explosive are dangerous and illegal for movers to transport
  • Perishable items like food and live plants
  • Moving companies do not usually transport jewelry, cash or other valuable items. It is recommended that the customer takes these items with them

10. Ask about Moving Discounts