Very exciting! You have made the decision and are ready to move to your new house. You started packing some items up and have taken the family photos down. “Decluttering” is a word you hear buzzing when selling, but what does that really mean and does it actually make a difference? You like your home, you enjoyed living here so why wouldn’t anybody else? This preparing phase seems like a lot of work.

Buying a house is actually a very emotional decision and it is important to connect with your buyer the minute they walk through your door, actually the minute your listing is posted online. A buyer needs to feel they can move in and make this house their home. They are not buying your décor – They are buying your house.

First impressions are priceless when selling, you only have a couple of seconds to impress.

Preparing your house for sale is one of the most important steps in the sales process: You can’t change the size of your house or the location of your property. The only influence you have on the sale is the presentation of your property! The staging process will take your home filled with memories to a property for sale.

Staging for sale will also prepare you as the seller, to move out. Packing up your personal and valuable belongings gives you a head start and will make it much easier to keep your house clean for showings.

Some tips from the professionals – packing up prior to listing:

1. Empty all your closets as much as possible: Pack up out-of-season clothes, put small items in a basket and keep your floor surface clear and clean to make storage look larger. Remove wire hangers, adding the same style hangers.

2. Empty and tidy your vanities: Put medications and personal care items in containers. Add loose items to baskets. Clean the shelves and keep your counters empty and clean

3. Remove items from your floors throughout: A clear floor surface will make the house look larger and will be easier to walk through

4. Pack all your out-of-season items like Christmas/Easter décor, patio cushions and umbrellas, snow removal. You are moving, why not get a head start!

5. Collections/collectibles. Often your collections are very valuable (to you). When listing your home it is important to pack it all up. Things can break or be touched by your potential buyers.

Why is staging for sale important?

Staging your house for sale will make your house more marketable and saleable. Buyers can walk through every room with ease, getting a good impression of size and purpose of each room. Storage will look efficient and larger and most important you showcase the best features of your home.

A professionally staged property is the recipe for beautiful pictures, resulting in amazing promotional material and Internet marketing. An excellent online presentation will lead to more and better showings and a faster sale for the best price possible. With a great number of homes on the market and an ever-changing Real Estate climate, sellers need to make sure their listing stands out. Get a head start, prepare your property for sale and show it for all it’s worth.


Yvonne Laanstra
Owner and lead designer
Staging Calgary