Kari Chartrand, Manager TSM Moving

After over 28 years of providing quality local and long distance moving services to Calgarians, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Andy Decou have decided to retire from the driver’s seat at TSM Moving. Andy is looking forward to concentrating on other business pursuits and spending quality time with his grandchildren. We wish him the best on his journey and thank him for his many years of service, hard work and contributions to the moving industry. He leaves behind longtime Dispatcher, Office Manager Kari Chartrand, Customer Service Specialist Cheryl Alvarez and Moving Crews in complete confidence to new ownership.

Scott Burley, Owner 2 Burley Men Moving

“The decision to unite with TSM Moving is the result of many years of a shared vision of providing cost-effective, quality movers to Canadian Families. The acquisition will combine the strengths of both organizations and better serve the Local Calgary and Long Distance Moving Markets in Western Canada.” says the new owner, Scott Burley of 2 Burley Men Moving.

The attainment of TSM Moving is a wonderful opportunity for 2 Burley Men to move forward – pun intended, in the Alberta Market with a team that has a proven reputation in Calgary. There will be no significant changes to the day to day operation of the TSM Moving branch or branding as their policies and procedures are compliant with those of the Burley Group. You will, however, start noticing new moving trucks operating in the city proudly sporting the 2 Burley Men Logo British Columbians have come to recognize.

Local or Long Distance Movers in Calgary

The 2 Burley Men family have begun advertising on local bus stops and billboards in both Calgary, Edmonton and on the highways between Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Both Local and Long Distance Moving reservations are starting to roll in, and Albertans are welcoming the group to the province with open arms. TSM Moving is honoured to continue being a part of and giving back to the community in 2018 and for years to come.

Are you planning a move in 2018? If so, you can find great Moving Tips and Advice on the TSM Moving website here.