Deciding to hire a moving company or rent a moving truck are the two most common choices people face when moving. Renting a moving truck may come at a lower price but the added stress, exertion and time must also be considered, and while the initial cost may seem tempting there are several hidden costs of renting a moving truck you might be overlooking.

Uhaul vs Movers Cost Comparison

Many people forget to include extra costs like packing materials, required tools, their time and the cost of fuel into the cost of renting a moving truck. When those things are taken into account, renting a truck isn’t always the bargain it seems to be. Start by checking out this comparison to get an idea of the costs of renting a moving truck vs hiring movers

Hiring Moving Help

Moving is labour-intensive, so if you decide against hiring a moving company you’ll likely need help. If you don’t have too many belongings and nothing particularly valuable or fragile to move your friends might suffice. If you do have a considerable inventory to transport and some of it is quite valuable or irreplaceable, think twice. Friends that are not experienced movers and will not likely take to much care with your items or watch out for your walls. Professional movers can save you a lot of stress and you might be surprised how affordable full moving services can be.

You can take advantage of the expertise of professional moving services by having them load and transport your things while you pack yourself. It is important to note that most movers will not cover damage to customer packed boxes.

Highly discounted movers have a reputation for being less  delicate with your things. It is not recommended to choose the lowest hourly rate. You get what you pay for!

Safety First

Can you picture yourself driving a rental truck with comfort and confidence? Unless you’re a professional driver, the answer is probably no. These are big, heavy vehicles that are harder to steer and require much more caution while braking, turning, merging and most other aspects of driving. Unless you are not travelling a great distance and can fit your belongings into a pickup, van or other types of a small truck it might be better to call in the professionals. Movers know how much weight their trucks can safely hold and how to load the truck so the weight is evenly distributed. 

This video demonstrates the dangers of an uneven load

Movers work is seasonal, which means summer is significantly busier than winter. Certain days are also busier, especially weekends. In the low season and on weekdays you can find great bargains and discounted moving rates.

So should you hire Calgary Movers or rent a moving truck and do it yourself? Provided that your inventory isn’t very big, i.e. you’re moving out for the first time or transporting the contents of a one bedroom apartment, you and your friends will likely be able to handle things. If you’re not moving farther and can perform the entire move within a day, a rental truck may be the perfect solution for you. However, if your inventory is larger or your new home isn’t close to your old one, a moving company will probably be better equipped and prepared to handle your move.