When moving into a new or first home, a Housewarming Party is a great way to celebrate and present your new home to family and friends, and for them to give gifts to help furnish the new home.

When to have a Housewarming Party?

Planning the event with timing in mind is important for your guests: Will they be in school? At work? Try to keep the needs and wellbeing of everyone invited in mind when choosing a date and time for your Welcome Party.

  • It is recommended to give at least a week to three weeks notice to guests
  • Present your invitation as an “open house” where people are free to come and go during a fixed window of time 

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Who should you invite to your Housewarming Party?

Decide who you want to include in the celebration and make sure you notify them well ahead of time to ensure their availability and to make the logistics easier on yourself. It is recommended to invite close family, friends and co-workers. You may want to invite your realtor, mortgage broker and or anyone else who helped make your new home a possibility. Consider inviting a few of your new neighbours. This allows you to introduce yourself and meet new people in the neighbourhood.


Where will you have your Housewarming party?

Depending on the number of people you have decided to invite, it is tradition to hold the Housewarming Party in your new home. However, if your guest list is large you may want to consider expanding your party to include your new yard/balcony/deck or look into renting out a local community hall or park.

  • Clean the house, it is after all the STAR of the show
  • If you expect children or have kids of your own, be sure to plan activities to keep the younger guests occupied so the adults are free to focus on conversation
  • Make sure you have plenty of seating and/or encourage guests to bring extra chairs with them if possible


What should you serve at your Housewarming?

Choose an age-appropriate menu: for example, a party made up entirely of middle-aged adults wouldn’t want a meal of hotdogs and mac-and-cheese, whereas a children’s party would go ballistic for the same options. If you’re not sure if there are vegetarians, vegans, or people with food sensitivities among the guests, try to provide a few tasty options that cater to dietary restrictions but can still be enjoyed by everyone. The same goes for drinks. Keep the margaritas out of reach of the little ones.

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Have fun!

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