Ask for help

Family and Friends can help you determine what items you no longer need and be able to sort through your stuff with an objective eye. They might even want to take some things off your hands.

Clean or complete small repairs

Try and make everything look as appealing as possible to ensure that you will bring in top dollar.


Try and group items in categories.This will make browsing easy and ensure your customers leave with more items.

Advertise Your Moving Sale

Get the word out online and with local flyers.. Be sure to include the location, date, hours, and list a few of your best items.

Price Tags

This will save you the hassle of trying to come up with a price on the spot. While you may want to make money, your bigger goal is to get rid of all unwanted, unnecessary things. To get rid of more items price items together or in bundles.

Put away items NOT for sale

Avoid the hassle of customers trying to buy items you wish to keep.

Let the Kids help

You can encourage children to get rid of old toys and belongings by letting them keep the money from the sale of their items or letting them know that the proceeds are going toward something for the entire family.

Be Prepared

Ensure you have change and plastic bags for customers. It may also come in handy to have a calculator depending on your math skills.

Get up Early

People are eager for great deals, be ready for early birds.

Donate and or Give Away left over items

Go online and find drop-off locations for nonprofits that are accepting donations for the types of items you’re selling. As soon as the sale’s over, take it to a drop-off centre. Better yet, some organizations will even come pick up items. You can even consider donating the proceeds or apart of the proceeds to a local charity, this gives customers even more incentive to buy your items and rid you of your clutter.

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